Criminal Justice Career Opportunities

Employment in the various fields of criminal justice can be diverse, satisfying, and personally rewarding. The Criminal Justice degree opportunity is there to enforce the laws at the street level, investigate what may seem to be an unsolvable crime, identify suspects that live in the underworld, track the shipment of illegal substances across borders, administer counseling and welfare to the homeless, and oversee those who have been convicted of crimes; all to protect the lives and property of society.

Are you interested in solving crime mysteries? In short, that is what forensic science is all about. As a forensic scientist you will be called upon in the courtroom to present your findings as an expert witness in the evaluation of physical evidence. It is a complicated science that determines the facts in courtroom cases through scientific investigation methods and analytical problem solving.

Interested in practicing law as an attorney, or how about enforcing the law from the courtroom? There are many subcategories in this area, such as law and justice, criminal justice, legal and paralegal, that all work in conjunction for a stable and orderly society from within a courtroom setting.

Criminal Justice Career Opportunities

Do you gain personal satisfaction in helping others? Community social workers have a demanding but rewarding career, knowing that they have made someone's life better by providing comfort, education, and caring. It is a career that requires a continual social interaction with the general public in settings that are often not ideal.

Are you comfortable in handling a firearm with the knowledge that you may have to use it someday on another individual? As a member of a community, state, or federal police force you will be on the front line of law enforcement in the roles of pursuing, apprehending, and reporting.

Does working in a prison setting interest you? As a probation and parole officer you will supervise and work with individuals who have been convicted of crimes, working in an attempt to turn their lives around. As a correctional officer, you will maintain the law and order inside the prison walls, knowing that a stable and properly functioning correctional system is mandatory for criminal justice.

Each of these career opportunities, and there are many others that are not listed here, can be challenging, rewarding, and provide a sense of personal satisfaction knowing that you have a unique role in the protection of society. | © Copyright 2019 | All Rights Reserved